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Douglas Bentham - Hardingham Sculptures: 1990


Exhibition // C2 - CITY HALL LOCATION

Opens Thursday, March 6th at C2 (at City Hall)

Show runs March 6 - April 13

Open Daily

Admission free

Contemporary Calgary is pleased to present the Hardingham sculptures by Douglas Bentham, one of Canada's premier abstract constructivist sculptors. Bentham was born in Rosetown, Saskatchewan in 1947 and moved with his family to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1959. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting) from the University of Saskatchewan in 1969, and a Master of Fine Arts (sculpture), also from the University of Saskatchewan, in 1989.

Bentham established his first sculpture studio in 1969 and has become one of Canada's most recognized sculptors. He lives in a converted schoolhouse and works in a studio on an acreage near Dundum, Saskatchewan, close to Saskatoon.

The Hardingham series is comprised of six monumental steel sculptures executed in 1990 at the Hardingham Sculpture Workshop at Norfolk, U.K. These sculptures were Bentham’s direct response to the stimulus provided by fourteen days confronted with British steel, hot days tempered by cooling rains, other sculptors’ provocations and his own competitive spirit. Hardingham Memory was created some time after his return to his prairie studio, and is dedicated to his friend and fellow sculptor, the late John Foster.

Seventeen years later, in "Crossing the Pond", an exhibition shown at APT Gallery in London, UK, Bentham complemented the Hardingham sculptures with six new stainless steel sculptures from his then current Espalier series.