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Contemporary Kids: Rope Making Workshop with Tammy McDonald

Collider artist Tammy McDonald will teach participants how to use discarded clothing to create rope.

Children will have the opportunity to create a rope from their own outgrown clothing or other unwanted clothing that is past its donatable state. Children will cut the clothing into strips and then learn how to make a rope or cordage. The class will have participants consider how they can make art without creating more waste and how they can relate art-making to other forms of making and contributions. Participants will have an opportunity to think about the use of their rope and as a group, we will discuss how making rope is an art form.  

If you can, please bring along a pair of fabric scissors and some old clothes and create something new from something old. This event is open to ages 7-77, all participants will require a ticket.

About the Artist

Tammy McDonald is an interdisciplinary artist, whose works include textile, installation and performance.  Her practice explores themes related to the use of and the memories contained within cloth and cultural spaces.  

McDonald was born in 1975 in St. John, New Brunswick.  She considers herself to be a cultural mutt as she was raised and has lived across Canada. Her national roots are English, Scottish, Irish, French and First Nations. She has a wonderful wife and two children who support and influence her practice. She graduated with distinction from what is now referred to as the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017.