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EXHIBITION / November 24, 2016 - February 19, 2017
RECEPTION / Thursday, November 24, 5:00 PM | FREE | ARTISTS IN ATTENDANCE
Featuring a performance with members of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra at 6:00 PM

Contemporary Calgary / 117 8 Avenue SW, Calgary, Canada

How are studio practices evolving for artists in the 21st century?
Presented as part of NEXT, Contemporary Calgary’s ongoing series in support of emerging practices, NEXT2016 invites artists to investigate the potential of post-studio practices, exploring notions of digital environments, mobility, ideas as artwork, alternative modes of production and dissemination, and how these practices may manifest themselves within an exhibition space.
Is an artist’s collection of non-art objects also part of their art practice? Artist, curator and collector Jayda Karsten is interested in analyzing the intersections found within her multifaceted practice, considering why artists collect, the objects they choose and how those objects contribute to or inform the artwork they make.  First, by analyzing her own collections (autoethnography) and then looking at other artists’ collections (ethnography), her resulting exhibition will be a summary of her qualitative research findings.
Lindsay Sorell will exhibit new paintings in collaboration with a few classical musicians. Based on her ideas that 1) the term “contemporary” doesn’t exist, 2) the “studio” is something made-up, and 3) hobby artists, professional artists, and artists that don’t know they’re artists, are all equally legitimate, Sorell proposes the “studio” as just a word to describe socioeconomic niche – the variables that have determined whether your studio needs to fit on a bike, and whether or not your work needs to be inflatable to fill an exhibition space.

Please join us on Thursday, November 24 at 5:00 PM for the Opening Reception of NEXT2016.

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Image credit: Placenta, courtesy of anonymous artist collection. Photo Credit: Jayda Karsten.
Virtual tour credit: The Fine Line.

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